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It's aliiiive!!! Long story short: I'm still uncomfortable with computers, though I use them. In a bit more words: New computer + old scanner - and no drivers meant I couldn't scan. Thank heavens (and a tech savvy relative) the problem is now solved :)!
... and to think I had this picture since the end of January... I wanted to draw something creepy and this came out. Looks like a female Hitsugaya with Hyourinmaru from Bleach. I wasn't expecting that, and honestly, that wasn't really my intention. I only wanted to try out my new colorpencils... I still have to learn which pencil is which color. Whatever... Sometimes (most of the time) pictures have a mind of their own - I imagine them, try to draw them, and in the end I'm surprised... because it became something else entirely.
Made with colorpencils.
...again. This is at least the 4th version. It seems I can't let this theme go.
Made with new colorpencils (they're like a dream!) and a different, even older scanner (that likes to add shadows to the sides - but that happens, when the paper is bigger, than the scanning surface).
I might still add some shadows of my own later, but for now I'm mostly okay with the outcome.
Devil at the piano
I'm still alive (?!), only RealLife is getting a bit harder... but that's Life.
This is a quick sketchy thing (that means I don't know if it's finished, or not - maybe it still could use some work, I don't know) - on one night I wasn't dog tired I watched the first episode of Lucifer... the way he played the piano... oh yeah, one can say it struck a chord with me... so I just had to draw a pianist, and someway, somehow this came out of it. Still tired, but hopefully will have some nice days off before the Christmas rush, that will be nice, and productive, from the artistic point of view :)
Not really a Lucifer-fanart, but as it was inspired by it, it can be viewed as one - in which case: character not mine. 
Made with colorpencils, and TouchLiner...
Best pedicure
Girl's day out Centaur style - grooming, styling, pedicure... ("I heard the old blacksmith gives centaur ladies The Best pedicure this side of the Great River" :D)
Sorry about the quality (?) ...I'm still feuding with the scanner, and everything electronic. (Tried to upload this picture the whole afternoon... and before that, there was therow with the scanner... let's hope it works now)
Made with graphite and colorpencils and TouchLiner pen.
Trinity Blood strikes again.
I know, it's a bit different from the usual Tolkien-related pictures, but sometimes characters hijack my hand-eye coordination and then they end up on the paper. Reading fanfictions and watching amv-s can make that happen.

I'm not good at naming/giving titles to pictures, so if anyone has a better idea, I'm open to suggestions.
And again, just as I was finished with the lines, I noticed, that I could have added more fiddly bits and thingamajings to his belt... but by then it was too late... Maybe next time.

Made with colorpencils, TouchLiner and fude-pen

Characters not mine.


Mallorn85's Profile Picture
Hello there! Im The 'slightly'(-insert a big load of sarcasm here) technophobe closet-artist who finally gathered enough courage to show some of the drawings I made - to something else than the back of the drawer... (2008)

I think I'm getting bolder regarding the technophobia - I managed to upload a new/old profile picture! Hurray!I still consider it a victory, when I manage to upload a picture :) (2016)


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Aventisz Featured By Owner May 24, 2017   Digital Artist
Szia! Most láttam az interjúdat a Tolkienes csoportban és gondoltam beköszönök! :D Nem nagyon ismerek magyar Tolkienes művészeket, úgyhogy tök király, hogy rád találtam! X)
Mallorn85 Featured By Owner May 26, 2017
Köszönet a beköszönésért :)! Remélem találsz/találunk még hasonló embereket. Nagyon én sem ismerek sokakat. :)
MatejCadil Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch! :-) You have some beautiful pictures in your gallery! :-)
Mallorn85 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016
You're very welcome! :)
Reno-Viol Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016   Digital Artist
Hello :) gondoltam beköszönök! még conon találkoztunk csak most találtam meg a névjegykártyát amire felírtam a neved, Fruzsival voltam de biztos már nem emlékszel, csak megörültem hogy meglettél :D 
Mallorn85 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016
Hello! Köszi a beköszönést :)! Nem találkoztam olyan túlzottan sok rajzossal fent az emeleten, úgyhogy azt hiszem megvagy te is :) Még egyszer köszi!
WoodElfJedi Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
So, are you SkyLeaf or not?

Wether or nor, I love your drawings for ATR!!
Mallorn85 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Sorry, I'm not Skyleaf :) just a humble artist-wannabe...
Thanks :)
WoodElfJedi Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Hey, no need to apologize!

You're doing really well. I'm sure that Skyleaf would really like your drawings. :)
KatsushikaMatsuyama Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
Kedves Malorn!
Már vagy harmadszorra olvasom az "All that remains" fantasztikus történetét mikor észrevettem a jegyzetekben hogy valaki megeleveníti a jeleneteket. Nemszoktam nézni ki honnan jött, de mikor észrevettem a "táltos" című képedet és egyből gyanússá vált hogy honnan erednek az alkotások. El kell mondjam nagyon tetszenek az illusztrációid, remélem lesz időd és energiád még többet keszíteni.
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